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PPE DEEP TRANSMISSION PAN 1989-2007 CUMMINS (W/ 727 / 518 / 47RE / 47RH / 48RE)

PPE DEEP TRANSMISSION PAN 1989-2007 CUMMINS (W/ 727 / 518 / 47RE / 47RH / 48RE)

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Simply stated, more is always better when it comes to transmission fluid. Higher volumes of fluid take longer to heat up allowing for more stable transmission temperatures which help to extend transmission life.

>PPEs Heavy-Duty Deep Transmission Pans hold an extra 4 quarts of fluid and are cast from high-strength aluminum for optimal heat dissipation. Tall 1-inch internal and 3/4 inch external cooling fins reduce operating temperatures as much as 40 degrees.

The PPE Heavy-Duty Deep Aluminum Transmission Pan also features a high-powered Neodymium- magnet-equipped drain plug to keep harmful ferrous metal contaminants out of the transmission internals.

PPE exclusive built-in filter lock comes standard and keeps deep filters securely in place. Allen-head mounting bolts and a new deep filter are included.

  • Heavy-Duty Deep Aluminum Transmission Pan - Black (228051020)
  • Black powdercoat finish
  • Stainless steel drain plug
  • 1/8 and 1/4 inch NPT temperature access ports
  • Robust side ribs provide additional strength
  • Viton O-Ring sealed filter spacer block included
  • Includes heavy-duty MP-15 gasket (for use on early models)
  • 4 quarts additional capacity
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Sold As A Kit


  • 1966 to 1989-36RH, 37RH
  • 1989 to 1995-46RH, 47RH, A-518
  • 1996 to 2001-46RE, 47RE
  • 2002 to 2007-48RE
  • All 727 transmission bodies to current
  • All 5.9L Diesels


  • Available in 3 finishes: Raw (228051000) - Brushed (228051010) - Black (228051020)
  • Race Weight Drain Plug (128051004) compatible
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